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#WE Joins #MeToo, #TimesUp, #BLM in Denouncing POTUS

#WE denounces all racism, all sexism, on all levels. #WE denounces the inciting of violence and the inciting of racism and sexism by the POTUS or anyone promulgating such policies.

Gospel legend, Kirk Franklin said, ” To say NOTHING is to say SOMETHING”. The POTUS’ refusal to denounce racism, to denounce vigilantes, to denounce QAnon, to denounce police brutality, to denounce the Nazi presence at Charlottesville, to denounce the public murders by 17 year old Rittenhouse, speaks a volume of danger and toxicity that presents itself as the biggest threat to America, freedom, our future, our rights and our Constitution.

For 4 years, #MeToo spokesperson, Alyssa Milano, has systemically laid out the facts about sexual and racial inequality only to have POTUS actually DEFEND the offenders EVERY time,  and mock and discredit the victims each and every time.

It is still happening today.

There is a proverb, ” you are either part of the problem, or part of the solution”.#WE realizes POTUS IS the problem, not the solution.

#WE joins #MeToo, #BLM, #TimesUp and every other legitimate empowerment movement or civil rights movement bravely opposing the current number one threat to all empowerment policies and future empowerment laws, the enemy of all #empowerment initiatives in America, the current POTUS.

Silence IS complicity. #WE cannot be silent in the midst of the most heinous activities being perpetrated by an American leader in U.S history.

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