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#Lisseth Is NEW Face and Model of #WE

#Lisseth, the dazzling North Texas model-actress has accepted terms as the global model and face of #WE movement and the official Women Empowerment Movement. This intelligent dynamo is Latina, bi-lingual, married with kids, passionate and cause/charity oriented. She prayed a week ago in her North Texas backyard, telling God she wanted to be a Light to show her Light to help others. A few days later, through a " coincidental" set of circumstances, the founder of #WE came across her pics and instantly knew in his soul, " THIS is THE girl to be THE face of #WE".

The #WE founder came across her pic through a Facebook post promotion of #Lisseth's photographer, Joe Arenas. The #WE founder and Joe Arena have met and been FB friends for a few years and had discussed finding the right collab for one of Joe's models, but they never came to the right energy on anyone. Until #Lisseth..

[caption id="attachment_1251" align="alignnone" width="300"]#WE Mode/ #Lissbeth #Lissbeth is the Face and Model and Host of the #WE movement/ Women Empowerment Movement[/caption]

Joe Arena is one of Texas' top bike show and car show photographers and had worked with #Lisseth for years. Then she got married, got pregnant, had kids, and quit doing acting / modeling to focus on her family. Now her kids are of an age , #Lisseth feels the Divine time is right for her resurgence, and it was perfect timing for #WE founder ,Lowell Beasley, who had just driven round-trip to San Diego interviewing models,actresses and hosts, and trying to locate his " #Lisseth".

Upon his return, he saw #Lisseth's pics and felt the Divine validation that THIS was the #WE destiny girl.

#WE is the nation's largest empowerment campaign and the official Women Empowerment Movement.

#WE has a weekly TV series on The NOW Network, that airs in 78 countries, and #WE is expanding to a lot more stations and cable platforms. #Lisseth, along with R & B celebs ALYSON WILLIAMS ( The First Lady of Def Jam) and 80's R & B crooner, ALEXANDER O'NEAL( he sold out Wembley Arena 6 times), will be the weekly hosts of #WeR1, the weekly TV show.

[caption id="attachment_1252" align="alignnone" width="292"]#Lisseth/ #WE Host #Lisseth, the new face and voice of the nation's largest empowerment campaign, #WE.[/caption]

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